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Body Contouring

Bethesda Body Contouring with Dr. Colgan 

Body contouring plastic surgery with Dr. Colgan can be any procedure that is intended to smooth lumps and bumps on the body or remove excess skin and fat to create a sleeker physique. With body-focused cosmetic surgery treatments in Bethesda, Dr. Colgan can treat a range of common aesthetic concerns and allow patients to achieve the figures they’ve always wanted. 

Why Seek Surgical Care for Body Issues?

For some people, body-impacting life events like pregnancy or fluctuations in weight can produce secondary physical changes that are difficult to correct without surgical intervention. While many patients may experience stretch marks as their body changes over time, more complex problems like excessive loose skin or alteration in muscle position are effectively targeted with plastic surgery treatments.

Dr. Colgan helps patients correct the issues that diet and exercise will not, to help you regain a youthful, well-proportioned aesthetic.

Body Contouring Plastic Surgery Procedures

Our Bethesda, MD plastic surgery office provides a number of procedures that help to target common problem areas that can result from pregnancy, weight changes, or aging, such as love handles, excess skin, a protruding abdomen, and saddle bags.  These procedures include:

Tummy Tuck– Abdominoplasty, the formal name for a tummy tuck, is most often recommended after pregnancy, when the muscles of the abdomen separate to create a lack of tone, or there is the presence of loose skin. A tummy tuck is intended to reposition these muscles, so your midsection appears leaner and firmer, while also removing lax skin tissue. The finished result is a flatter stomach that allows patients to feel more comfortable in clothing or during swimsuit season.

Liposuction – When your body stores fat in problem areas, such as hip, thighs, and stomach, it can be difficult to diminish or tone these spots in particular. With liposuction, however, Dr. Colgan can sculpt improved body contours and slim these areas of concern. We utilize Vaser ultrasonic liposuction to help facilitate gentler fat removal surgery and create smooth, even, beautiful results for liposuction patients. 

Breast Reduction – Reduction surgery is a common cosmetic breast procedure that helps to alleviate the back, neck, and shoulder strain that comes with supporting overly large breasts. Our breast reduction patients enjoy better comfort in their own skin and feel freer to exercise or wear certain clothing without having to worry about how their body may interfere with these activities.

Mommy Makeovers – For certain patients whose needs for cosmetic surgery include a variety of concerns, a mommy makeover is intended to bundle cosmetic surgery into one procedure, for comprehensive results. Mommy makeovers typically include a tummy tuck, breast lifts or implants, and liposuction as needed. Dr. Colgan conducts an exam before creating your treatment plan and can recommend the best group of procedures to meet your needs and produce the results you’re looking for. 

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If you have questions about how body contouring plastic surgery treatments can help you meet your goals and boost your confidence, please call us today. Our Bethesda cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Diane Colgan, is happy to serve patients from the surrounding areas of DC, Potomac, Chevy Chase, and Potomac.


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