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Dr. Diane Colgan
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Mommy Makeover

Bethesda Cosmetic Surgery - Mommy Makeovers in Bethesda

The classic Mommy Makeover package includes a combination of breast and abdominal procedures. But, every Mommy Makeover procedure is personalized to meet your specific goals and expectations to make you feel great about your body again! Normally used to help correct the unwanted body changes you might have experienced as a result of pregnancy and childbirth.

Reasons for considering a Mommy Makeover

· Sagging and deflated breasts which have lost their youthful appearance
· Breast asymmetry (uneven breasts)
· Presence of unsightly stretch marks as well as loose and flabby skin on the abdomen
· A loose and bulging abdominal wall that persists despite diet and exercise (due to a diastasis recti)

If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any additional questions about Mommy Makeovers, contact us at our Bethesda cosmetic practice today!


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